I’m Amanda, I can’t believe I have worked at TLC for over 10 years! I have met my hubby, who also worked at TLC for a short time, got married, gained a qualification, became a Registered Care Worker, became a supervisor, had my 2 beautiful children, bought my first house, then moved to our 2nd house. I love my job as much as I did when I first started all that time ago, juggling childcare and work can be a challenge but I let the rota team know my husbands’ shift pattern and I work around his hours and the children, it suits us well and I sometimes feel that coming to work is easier than being a wife and mum. I decided to step down from the official supervisor role to focus my free time on my family but will reconsider this position in the future when they are older and less dependent. I still train newer care workers when they start working for TLC, it is nice to share my knowledge and experience and see them become competent and confident, we all started somewhere, and at some time, needed support.

I always knew I cared about people and when I get paid for doing a job I love, it makes our lives better. We recently had to cancel our long-awaited trip to New York due to COVID 19, I worked through the pandemic, had my vaccinations then tested positive for the blooming virus, I was so upset, when I phoned to tell Cathy, one of my bosses, she couldn’t hear me for tears. I was more upset that my holiday had been spoiled. Every cloud has a silver lining, we are going in the spring instead when hopefully the weather will be nicer.