Congratulations to Emma for 6 years’ service with TLC

Congratulations and Thank You to Emma for 6 years’ service with TLC.

I started working with TLC 6 years ago, April 2017 following working in a spa for 8 years and having mainly health and beauty experience. This area of work seemed like a good next step for me, as I was already familiar with dealing with clients and providing care and comfort whilst they visited the spa. I was right, I felt I settled straight into the care role, and I loved it, I looked forward to visiting my clients daily and caring for them. I particularly enjoyed the manual handling passport training, and the medication training as these were all very new to me and interesting.

“Care isn’t just about making someone a cup of tea or providing personal care, there is various equipment and complexities of care needs, and I loved learning all about these and growing more and more in my role as a care worker. The job fulfilment isn’t something you can compare to in any other job, you are assisting people in their daily living and helping them to stay independent for as long as possible, it is so rewarding.

“I had completed my level 3 Health and Social care by April 2018, which gave me even more knowledge and experience working in the care sector, I received great support from my mentor and she was able to come out and observe me in the community so she could sign me off for my units, rather than writing some of them up, that was really helpful and there was no pressure at all during the observations.

“I had been working in my role as care worker for 3 years when a position became available as a care supervisor. I attended the interview with managing director Olwen and shared all my knowledge and experience regarding why I would be a good candidate for the role. I had worked as a spa assistant manager during my time in the spa job, so I had some leadership experience under my belt along with all the care experience I had now gained with TLC.

“I started working in my new supervisor role taking out new carers on shadow shifts in the community, I particularly loved this part of the role as I really loved guiding new carers, and could fully understand their position as I was there once myself.

“While working closely with the carers I realised I had very good people skills, and 6 years on I am now working within the HR department as Welfare Officer and HR team leader. This role suits me so well and I feel I support the carers particularly well as I have done the job myself and built up the experience to now be able to provide support for the carers, where they need it from a welfare side of things.

“I am loving my journey with TLC and can’t believe how many doors and opportunities it has opened for me, there are so many paths you can go down with care. We also have carers who have been working as a care worker for 15 years + and are now receiving the benefits of the ‘loyalty scheme’ TLC have in place, which is benefits and rewards for long service. I know a lot of care companies don’t have this scheme, and this is just one of the few things that makes TLC stand out as an exceptional company to work for.

“I had no experience in care when I applied for the job, and I haven’t looked back.

If you are looking for a new start, something challenging but rewarding with great benefits, then go for it!