Thank You to Michelle for 5 years service at TLC

Congratulations and Thank You to Michelle for 5 years service at TLC.

Congratulations to Michelle, Care Coach Supervisor who has completed 5 years’ service with us at TLC. She works across all 4 of our areas and knows our clients, their families and what support they need. Michelle guides the teams to work safely and respectfully, you would never guess she made coffee for a living before embarking on her career in Care.

Presenting Michelle with her service award is Sarah, who is our Assessment and Reviewing officer. Sarah has been with us at TLC for almost 9 years and these 2 ladies work with our teams of professional care workers and provide the knowledge, experience and qualifications to support the overall wellbeing of the people who need our services. We look forward to working with you Ladies to continue to evaluate and improve what we do.

Neither Sarah or Michelle had any knowledge about the care industry when they joined TLC, if you think you could join our team then please message or email: