I’m Llinos and I have worked at TLC since September 2009, almost 13 years. By profession, I am a hairdresser and visit people at home, it was in this capacity that I met Olwen, Cathy and Helen, back in the day when there were a handful of care workers making calls to a mutual service user/client, all over the County. The girls provided care services and I was the hairdresser who also helped with a bit of hoovering and general household tasks. The girls tried to persuade me to apply and join their happy team, eventually, I did and have worked a few hours each week ever since.

Things have changed over the years, I did the initial training and as care workers are now required to be Registered professionals with Social Care Wales, I have become quite clever with a laptop thanks to my hubby and daughter, the online training threw me at first but I now consider myself to be quite competent and more importantly, up to date with all the training. I enjoy caring for the service users and have built relationships with them and my colleagues over the years. I don’t do many hours these days but still enjoy keeping my hand in, during the pandemic things were tough and we were the only contact that our service had with the outside world, it was tough for everyone, but we are lucky to be here to tell the tale. I became a Nain 6 weeks ago and support my family too, I must have been born to care and hope to continue for some time yet. So here’s to the next 10 years!